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Sharp, ambitious and passionate are just a few words to describe the illuminating character of Latoyia Jones. By implementing her innate abilities to inspire, guide and enthuse, Latoyia has carved her own unique path in the entertainment and modeling industries.  

Latoyia is originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan. She was raised in central Michigan and currently resides in Tampa Bay, Florida. Latoyia's focus to be a success ties directly to her education and affiliations. She attended Sexton High School in Lansing, Michigan and furthered her education by getting an AA in Business in Joliet, Illinois and a medical certification at Remington College in Tampa Florida.

During high school, Latoyia says that taking drama classes and attending the Detroit Repertory improved her acting abilities. Latoyia's encouragement to act came from her father who had a strong belief in her talents, especially acting and singing. Like many talented people, she is multi-facetted in her abilities. Latoyia interests in singing and modeling which have increased her marketability.  Whitney Houston has always been Latoyia's idol when it came to vocals. And through the years, other artists and actors come along to inspire her in their own unique way.

Latoyia’s style is fresh, honest, sassy and smart. Her goals and aspirations are simple, she wants to be successful and happy; two attributes notwithstanding argument. Latoyia would like to eventually become a recognized, respected and viable  performer who wants to make the most of her blessings to help those who are less fortunate.  Latoyia's kind heart and many talents will for surely carry her in any direction she wants to go with no limitations. Keep an eye on this Triple Threat Diva and watch her shine.

Stats: Height: 5’ 0” ~ Weight:100 lbs. ~ Bust: 32C ~ Waist: 24 ~ Hips: 33

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